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IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR MINOR ENTRY:  Minors need to be accompanied by a legal guardian or authorized family member. Legal guardian needs to make a signed statement giving permission to a named family member authorized to bring their child to our park. Statement does not have to be notarized but dated and signed and should include names of all involved and DOB and ID of child as listed below.


A) Minor ID from DMV

B) Passport

C) School ID

D) A birth certificate

E) Mail with the minors name that has the same last name address as the family member accompanying them.


Minor children will be allowed in the park ONLY with an authorized family member - no exceptions.


This rule is effective immediately and is driven by state and insurance requirements.

Other Park Rules:

  • Camp fires (of less than two feet in diameter) are allowed.

  • All side-by-sides and ATVs must have a flag on the vehicle.

  • Children under 18 may NOT drive after dusk.

  • Dogs are allowed.

  • No weapons.

  • No glass.

  • No drugs.

  • No dirt bikes.

  • No 3-wheelers.

  • No sport quads.

  • No assholes. (The lawyers really don’t care about this one, but we do)

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