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600 Acres of Camping, Riding, Mud and More


Admission to the Park:  Every weekend - except for special event weekends. Friday/Saturday is $50. Sunday is $30 - Cash Only at the gate.

You can expect access to porta potties, and the truck (or people) wash down stations. Other than that, we are a functional cattle ranch. Whatever you would expect to see at a cattle ranch is there. Other than that, enjoy the quiet.

SPECIAL or TRUCKS GONE WILD EVENT WEEKENDS:  Prices will be set per event, but it is usually $80 to enter on Thursday or $70 Friday, $60 for Saturday and $30 on Sunday.  Must 18+ years old to Enter.


About four times per year, we throw events where 3000 to 5000 people show up. It’s family friendly during the day, and absolutely debaucherous at night. You can expect everything you get on a standard weekend as well as a DJ, foam parties, hot showers, food vendors, apparel vendors and bounty hole competitions.

       OPEN 7 Days a Week


But, if you did happen to leave by Sunday at 5PM, that would be great. It gives us a little time to enjoy our own property.

Come and enjoy our family owned and operated farm that doubles as an agri-tourism riding/camping park. Take a selfie with a cow. Pitch a tent in the back of the farm for some peace and quiet. Enjoy the stars without the big city light pollution. Or, for a little more adventure. go mudding with your ATV, Side by Side or your truck. Let’s see if you can get across the “floating island”.

In general, our park is setup to experience old Florida farming.


There are no advanced sales of tickets. They are purchased at the gate. CASH ONLY. The ticket allows for in/out access 24 hours per day for the entire weekend. There are no day passes.

Each adult (18+) who attends must fill out a waiver. If you come during a Trucks Gone Wild event weekend, we will scan your ID, and you will sign the waiver digitally. Any other time you come, please download the adult waiver here, print it out and fill it out before you come to speed things up. If YOUR children are attending with you, please put their names (and ages) on the bottom of the waiver.

Children being accompanied by an adult who is not their legal guardian must have a youth waiver form filled out by their guardians before entering. The minor waiver form MUST BE NOTORIZED.

       Waiver Downloads


It really helps when you download and print our waivers in advance.  

NOTE: On all TGW or Special Event Weekends, we will scan your ID and you can electronically sign your waivers at that time.  Any other time, printed waivers will need to be executed.  The links are listed below


Children can not enter our park without a parent, legal guardian or relative.  If a child comes with a relative, they must have their legal guardian fill out the adult waiver as well as the child waiver and the note from parent that a particular relative has their permission to bring the child stated on the NOTORIZED waiver.  

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